Sacred Wealth Code Archetype

The Connector





 MANTRA: “We are all One.”

SOUL DESIRE: To be a channel for eternal belonging-ness.

PURPOSE: To be a centralizing force for humanity, and
bring the world together.

SHADOW: People-pleasing. Loss of self. Overly attached. Codependent. Too comfortable.



The Connector is a sensitive, heart-centered person whose primary desire is to be in deep connection to self, Source, and others.

As a Connector, you are a finely-skilled relationship artist who is often known as a counselor, networker, diplomat, teacher, or human relations specialist. You put a high value on relationships, and have a unique ability to meet people exactly where they are with intimacy, compassion, and understanding.

The Connector is keenly aware that we're all divinely connected. As a Connector, you’re at home and flourish in the company of others, and your actions remind us that we are all one. You’re social, community-oriented, and a natural networker. You have a wealth of relationships, and communication is your currency. You are gifted with a deep well of inspiration that gives you the golden threads of connectivity to weave together people with people, people with opportunities, and people with themselves.

You have an inherent magnetism that draws others to you, and makes them immediately comfortable in your presence. People quickly open up to share their innermost desires and challenges with you. You are like a warm, safe haven for people in need.

Connectors are harmonious beings, and get along well with others. You have the high-value gift of empathy, and easily feel the needs of other people, animals, plants, and the world around you. Because you tap into the essence of things, you often see or feel directly into the heart of what's going on beneath the surface. You also have the valuable gift of problem-solving; you see how sometimes unlikely things fit together, and seek to connect others with the best possible solutions.

Your gift of communication is extremely valuable, and you can profit by authentically relating to others using your innate gifts of compassion, understanding, and inspiration. You are diplomatic, and a centralizing force for humanity; your superpower is bringing the world together. You are fascinated with human drama, and seek to inspire the cast of characters in the play of your life to be their best selves.

The Shadow of The Connector


If you are people-pleasing, it's because you want everyone to be happy - but also because you want to be liked, which is simply not possible all of the time. Underneath your smiles, you're afraid of losing love and security, and being left alone. When you feel insecure, you become self-negating and overly attached to people and outcomes. This leaves you feeling unseen, misunderstood, powerless, and often ineffective toward your goals. You can also stay in harmful or debilitating relationships long past their prime.

Because you are empathetic and can connect so intimately with others, you can lose yourself and become codependent unless you maintain a strong spiritual anchor. In fact, you may take on other people's energy and problems like they are your own without even knowing it! When this happens, it is because you're misinterpreting what love truly is, and feel like you need others to need you in order to feel loved. This is painful, and flat out soul-squashing. Neediness will wear you out, blind you to the goodness in life, hijack your dreams, and leave you mired in drama.

Connectors like luxury and comfort, and can err on the side of remaining attached to comfortable things - jobs, material goods, and relationships - instead of stepping into their full potential.

If you find yourself in the shadow of The Connector's energy, you're giving too much of what others want, and not enough of your true high-value gifts. It's time to come back home to your divine connection, and put your personal and spiritual needs first. Spend some time in nature or on a retreat to get intimately reacquainted with your purpose and mission before returning to service.

High Value Gifts


  • Good networker
  • Inspiring
  • Relational
  • Creative communicator


  • Highly connective
  • Spiritually connected
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Intuitively knows what others need and want

Inspired Action Plan


“I connect with myself, Source, and then others. When I do this, I can effectively use my high-value gifts of inspiration and communication as my currency to remind others that relationships are a reflection of divinity.”




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