Sacred Wealth Code Archetype

The Great Nurturer





MANTRA: “I give and I receive nourishment.”

SOUL DESIRE: To be a channel for unconditional love, abundance, and growth.

PURPOSE: To nurture growth and create community.

SHADOW: Over-giving. Martyrdom. Over-emotional. Over-attached.



The Great Nurturer is a mother, teacher, humanitarian, supporter, coordinator, gardener, problem solver, counselor, caregiver, and healer. When you embody this Archetype you are deeply in touch with the life pulse of humanity and the planet. You’re a conduit for unconditional love, patience, caring, and nourishment.

Your first priority is to give substance and sustenance where it's needed to nurture life. You know you’re on purpose when you’re fulfilling your deep need to be of service. You feel truly fulfilled at the end of the day when you know in your heart that you’ve made a difference for someone.

You are highly sensitive, feel the needs of the masses, and thrive on connection. You intuit what others need in order to grow and develop to the next level. You’re gifted with the knowledge of what to give to others so they can grow on their own terms, and refrain from disempowering them by doing it for them. You feed the roots of the tree, so that its branches may grow strong and abundant.

You have a special gift for bringing people together, and can create your own flourishing community. This also makes you highly valuable to leaders and organizations, because you create a supportive culture that attracts the right people while growing the soul and mission of the business.

As a Nurturer, you are a creatrix―a feminine creator. Like Mother Nature herself, what you touch and pour your love into grows vibrant and strong. You tend the garden of life. Therefore, it is essential that you act as the creatrix in your own life first and foremost, and create your soul’s calling. Otherwise, you can err on the side of helping others too much with their projects, and put too little energy into your own.


The Shadow of The Great Nurturer


If you are playing the Martyr - moaning about how much you do for others, and that no one does anything for you - then you are stuck in over-giving. You feel obligated to give to others, and believe that you have no choice but to do what's "expected" of you. This results in feelings of resentment, anger, and isolation.

You're intensely connected to your feelings, and care profoundly for the people in your life. However, when you carry the burden of other people's pain, the pain of the masses, or the pain of the planet, you lose touch with your divine connection. You can become over-emotional and even depressed.

If you find yourself in the shadow of The Great Nurturer's energy, you are seriously undernourished. It is time to feed your body, heart, and soul by eating life-giving foods, reading something soul-inspiring, working on your own projects, and spending time with dear ones who give you the love you need. Only when you feel filled up again should you do anything for anyone else.


High Value Gifts


  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Practical
  • Collaborative


  • Connective
  • Reliable
  • Loyal
  • Attractive to others
  • Sees the best in people

Inspired Action Plan


“I nourish my body and soul first, so I may abundantly use my high-value gifts to nurture others with exactly what they need to grow and do for themselves.”




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